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An oasis for your body and soul

Body Bliss Massage                                                                    $70  1hr 

Soothing and deeply relaxing massage using long gentle rhythmic strokes to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, boost energy levels and rejuvenate your body and mind. This is a full body massage from head to toe. Very little or no conversation takes place.

Deep and Meaningful Massage                                                   $80  1hr

Targeting the deeper layers of muscle tissue for those who really work their bodies. Particular attention is paid to specific overworked areas as requested or required. You love a deep tissue massage but also want to relax this massage goes deep into those tight places whilst allowing you to switch your mind off and relax. Again there is very little feedback or talking involved in this massage.

Remedial Massage                                                                      $80    1hr

                                                                                                      $110  1.5hr

Targeting the deeper layers of muscle for those who really feel their issues you work hard, you play hard! Particular attention is paid to specific overworked or overloaded areas. Conversation and feedback is required to find and release trigger points etc. Generally this is not a full body massage unless 1.5hrs is booked.

Back Neck & Jaw                                                                        $80      1hr

                                                                                                     $105  1.5hr

Everyone holds tension in these areas, but many people have chronic or acute issues that they want specific work done. The 1hr session combines back & neck massage + Myofascia/CS release of the neck and shoulders with the aim to do some inter-oral jaw work if required as usually all the neck and thoracic fascia needs to be released first this often takes at least a 1.5hr session. Great for TMJ issues, night clenching, teeth grinding etc.!

Lymphatic Drainage                                                                    $80    1hr

                                                                                                      $100  1.5hr

This beautiful gentle massage manipulates and stimulates the second major circulatory system of the body, the lymphatic system. Gentle rhythmic movements encourage the lymph fluid back to the nodes for filtering and effectively removing toxins, uncomfortable built up fluids and increasing the effectiveness of the immune system. The 1.5hr will often involve some Myofascial work to open up possible restricted fascia so the lymph can flow even easier great for post surgery or injuries. A 10% discount may apply for those who require a regular treatment routine of at least 2 twice a month.


Only the very best oils are used in my practice main base oil is:

ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL: This luxurious cold pressed oil is rich in Vitamins A, B and E, which are very useful to combat aging. This non greasy oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin, its high oleic acid and antioxidant properties rejuvenate and restore giving the skin a radiant glow and protects from damaging environmental conditions. It is known to promote the healing of scars and can be useful in treating freckles and age spots whilst improving elasticity in the skin. The Japanese have long used Camellia oil in their skin, hair and nail products.